Help me Diversify

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve invited anyone to chat, but it isn’t due to lack of interest or effort on my part, and I’ve had several people ask what happened, so here goes.

The truth is that I psyched myself out.

You see, my comfort level with white-dude developer types is high, and I’m worried about perpetuating the stereotype that I’m living up to. I feel guilty having recorded 4  episodes without having at least one woman on the show – and I’m not sure who I could reasonably chat with next that isn’t another white dude, so I haven’t asked anyone.

My friend Felix was kind enough to nudge me towards writing a post here to encourage everyone I know who is interested in chatting to reach out.

So if you’re a “woman in WordPress” (and even better if we’re friends or have worked together before) I’d really love to have you on the show. 💜

Episode 2 – Jeremy Felt

Yesterday I got together with Jeremy Felt, and this morning I realized that something had gone horribly wrong with my Mac and my side of the audio – it cut out about every 3 seconds, and somehow lowered the pitch of my voice slightly.

I was able to adjust the pitch, but not the skips – you’ll see what I mean.

Anyways, I’ve known Jeremy for a few years now, and we’ve shared several beers and meals on several occasions. I feel bad that I botched his episode, but hopefully y’all don’t mind too incredibly much.
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Episode 0 – Felix Arntz

For the first episode of Commit Access, I wanted to sit down with & learn more about a relatively recent committer to WordPress core – someone who I’ve been chatting with almost daily on Slack for a few months now, and who I was able to share a dinner of dumplings with at WordCamp US just a few short weeks ago in Philadelphia.
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Hello world!

Welcome to Commit Access. This is your first post.

The first of at least a few, ideally bunches.

This is where I sit down with & interview WordPress contributors (past & present) who have earned the ability to commit changes directly to the project & it’s surrounding properties (BuddyPress, bbPress, GlotPress, WordCamp,org,, etc…)

I’d like to target very specific decisions, maybe even down to exact public changesets, and get intimate perspectives from people who were around and involved in the process. Largely, this is just a reason to sit down with friends old & new and share their stories, but hopefully this helps celebrate the small successes & identify learning opportunities around the WordPress project.

If you like the idea, please consider sponsoring an episode!